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"Sometimes the smallest changes to an eyebrow make the biggest difference! Shape and symmetry and colour are integral components to the creation of a beautiful eyebrow"

Jayne Waddell is a trusted member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, she was trained by masters of the industry from London and Florida and has over 6 years experience in the industry. 

Jayne's speciality is eyebrows where tiny delicate hair strokes are implanted into the skin producing natural results to enhance the features of the face.

Confidential and Professional Service with a truly personal touch.

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Permanent Cosmetics uses ultra fine sterile needles to implant medical grade pigments into the upper layer of the skin. At Dermaventure we use the hair stroke simulation technique where tiny hair strokes are strategically placed within the existing eyebrow hairs using colours which compliment the skin tone and natural eyebrow hair. This treatment is perfect for filling in gaps in sparse eyebrows and creating an enhanced eyebrow shape. It is also ideal for clients who have medical hair loss conditions to create the bespoke eyebrow.

The treatment is tailored to the individual needs of client.

$295 - $550

150 min - 2 Sessions


Natural Hairstroke Eyebrows

Permanent Cosmetic eye make up uses groups of sterile needles to delicately implant medical grade pigment through the lash line of the eyelid. This procedure creates the illusion of thicker lashes and in turn defines and accentuates the eye. The client can opt for a very subtle eyelash enhancement where pigment is strategically dropped into the lashline or an eyeliner where pigment is tattooed through the lashline creating the effect an eyeliner brush would. The treatment is fabulous for busy people who wear make up daily and want to rid themselves permanently of that tired eye look and instead opt for a more alert and made up look for the day! Your eyes are the "windows to your soul", why not enhance these beautiful features!

The treatment is tailored to individual needs of the client.

$250 - $395

150 min - 2 Sessions

Eyelash Enhancement & Eyeliner

Permanent cosmetic lip treatments use groups of sterile needles to implant medical grade pigment into the perimeter of the lips (vermillion line and cupids bow) and then blend the colour into the lip. This is a lovely treatment to enhance the shape of lips and give the illusion of fullness. The treatment brightens up the lips by adding colour. We use Ecuri pigments and have a beautiful range of colours from natural blush to more vibrant. No more lipstick - Just Gloss & Go!

The treatment is tailored to the individual needs of client.


Time 180 mins - 2 sessions

Lip Line
& Blush

Jayne is a fully qualified and highly skilled cosmetic tattoo specialist based in Caloundra on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Her career to present has been in the UK until moving to Queensland, Australia in 2015.

Jayne began her training in London in 2012 with Andrew Stassi, one of the industry’s most respected cosmetic tattoo trainers in the UK. She continued to improve her skills and knowledge in the industry by working with other specialists whos work inspired her. Jayne attended a masterclass in eyebrows in Dublin, Ireland, with guru of the industry, Mary Ritcherson from Florida, in 2013 and from that point she never looked back. Her technical skill together with her love of watercolour art made her one of the most highly sought after cosmetic tattoo artists in the UK.

Jayne is fully qualified and insured to practice in Australia and she 

prides herself in maintaining the highest standards of care in her 

clinic for undertaking skin penetration treatments.  

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The Clinic in Caloundra

Dermaventure Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is discreetly situated in a private arcade just off the main thoroughfare of Caloundra. The clinic has a very tranquil feel to it where you can relax with confidence that you are in safe hands. All services are confidential and professional yet Jayne's personality adds a certain personal touch that makes one feel very at ease during an appointment. The clinic is council approved holding an up to date Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services License. 

Visit us Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm at Shop 4 Suncity, 74 Bulcock Street, Caloundra QLD 4551

Before opting for a Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment it is important to view the artist's portfolio of work and remember the results are long lasting and on your face. 

"Good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good!"

Leanne, Buderim

Claire, Caloundra

"Jayne is truly amazing at what she does. She really listens to what you want and makes you feel totally at ease. My brows were uneven due to a scar on one side and she managed to even them out perfectly. Keep up the excellent work!"

"I had my 4 week top up today for my semi permanent eyebrows and they are amazing! Jayne is brilliant at what she does and made me feel at ease I feel like I’ve known her for ages. She listens 100% to what you want and I didn’t find the treatment painful at all. I done lots of research before getting my eyebrows done and I would recommend Jayne! Thanks very much for my new brows"

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